Today was another amazing day at MMICC.
After an amazing inaugural night and a very well needed night of rest all teams meet early at the lobby for our special activity.
Today was all about snow tubing and a Canadian sugar shack!
Some of us were not that prepared for the activity but other brought their A game with snow pants and sky jackets. What is sure is that everybody had an amazing time.
After playing in the snow for a few hours we went directly to an amazing Canadian lunch at the sugar shack. There we eat everything from smoked ham to baked maple beans, country style omelette, and for desert an amazing sugar tart and classic maple taffe.
After lunch we returned to our hotel in Montreal, where we all got a needed nap.
To rap up the day, teams went to see and familiarize themselves with the presentation rooms.
Tomorrow will be an amazing day, first day of the case cracking!