We started the day at bronfman for rules presentations. We then made our way to the arts building for photos and T-shirt exchange. Each participant has to bring a shirt from their school and exchange it with another participant! We also took our soon-to-be iconic ambie photo.
After lunch, each participant was able to choose between 3 activities: Observatory, ice skating, or mini golf. We (Emily and Lou) decided to do ice skating ⛸ take a look at our crazy photos/videos below! Teams who went to the observatory were able to enjoy a beautiful view of the city at the highest viewpoint in Montreal. Last but certainly not least, the rest of the participants, ambassadors, and execs had a glowing time with glow-in-the-dark golf!
at the end of the afternoon we headed out to the montreal museum of archeology and history, where we first took pictures with our teams and enjoyed a cocktail. We then took a guided tour through the ruins and learned about montreal’s history. We had dinner and mingled with members of other teams, particularly enjoying a desert buffet. Afterwards, all teams (ambassador and execs included) performed their own team chant, and we ended the night at santos, a bar in old port!