When it comes to 32 hour case cracks, its difficult to know when Thursday night ends and when Friday morning begins. As the Montreal sun rose over the Marriott Residence Inn this morning, it is safe to say that this marker of the new day went unnoticed at large, especially by the exhausted ambassadors and execs. As teams continued to deliberate, and be accompanied out for walks and smokes, and ask for water, and ask for coffee (both brewed and bought), and ask to order pizza with extra mushrooms and cheese, and request McDonalds at 3am (FYI the closest McDs is a half-hour walk away in the -10°C cold), and ask for obscure shades of yellow highlighters… the MMICC team exhausted Netflix offerings while struggling to deal with dysfunctional walkie talkies, staying awake in general, and disgruntled hotel workers.

As the 32 hours drew to a close, emotions were varied. For some teams, tensions rose high, while for others, dinner was the primary concern. Regardless of the situation, the infamous USB sticks were collected by courageous execs and ambles. Finally, everyone could eat. Mission accomplished… almost.

poto day 5

Written by Johanna Diao (SFU’s Ambassador)