Let the games begin! It’s been 3 days of getting to know each other at restaurants, bars, karaoke and last, but definitely not least, on the slippery slopes followed by a sugar high. After all of these fun-filled days, all teams were prepped and ready to go on Wednesday morning. With their game faces on and breakfast in their bellies, our participants had their rooms inspected to be ready for competition.

Each team was then taken to Bronfman where they had their last goodbyes with their advisors and some hugs from their loving ambassadors (mama bears and papa bears). At exactly 10.00am, we had the big reveal in the Live Case Presentation. Our eager participants were focused and driven, and came out of the room with big smiles on their faces, ready to begin the crack.


Everybody gathered together and headed straight to the hotel to begin the fierce case crack with ambassadors on each floor and executives in HQ ready for anything and everything to come their way, with walkie-talkies, no less. Our hardworking teams from around the world had a couple of hours before they were given the opportunity to ask 2 wisely-chosen questions in a Live Case Q&A Session in Bronfman.


Once the teams returned to the hotel, business formal slowly but surely transformed into case crack comfortable – sweatpants, hoodies and we can’t forget those onesies! Amidst all the stern preparation, the ambassadors made sure to keep each other entertained in the Marriott hallways, with some gymnastics, dancing, coffee-runs, countless selfies and the privilege of each other’s company! While we had many serious faces around the hotel, seeing all those wide eyes and big smiles were no surprise each and every time we handed out snacks and meals to keep those engines running! Waffles, anybody?
On behalf of the MMICC Executive Committee, ambassadors, advisors, and everybody involved, we wish all the participants good luck and we are all very proud!