Day 3 was kicked off with a bright and early start! All eleven teams eagerly loaded the buses with their GoPros and winter gear and headed towards Mont-Avila for an exciting day of snow tubing. As always, this is certainly one of the biggest highlights of MMICC week for both the first-timers as well as those that are used to a little cold. Upon our arrival, despite the initial hesitation of some (shout out to VP sponsorship Victoire and Thammasat Advisor Jeab Orapan for braving through it), all of the competitors, advisors, executive committee, and ambassadors bundled up and raced down the steep slopes of Mont-Avila.


Following the fabulous snow tubing, the entire group was treated to a classic French Canadian sugar shack meal in a beautiful wooden cabin. You may have guessed it, it was all about the maple syrup; what’s more Canadian than that? Eggs, bacon, sausage, ham and baked beans all deliciously prepared with maple syrup! However it didn’t stop there, participants had a chance to taste sugar pie, ‘pudding chaumeur’ and the classic maple taffy on a stick as dessert. Needless to say, some found themselves slipping into a “sugar coma” but the flavourful experience was surely worth it.


Written by Samantha (Solvay’s Ambassador) and Katerina (Thammasat’s Ambassador)