This morning the teams woke up early for a Charlie and the Chocolate factory themed BIG ADVENTURE around Montreal. All of the teams were split into groups of 8 and taken on a walking tour to see the cultural sights of Montreal.


The first stop of the Team Mike Teavee was the Redpath Museum on McGill Campus. There the the team were able to see a variety of mounted animals. After looking at the mummies and skeletons, the team was taken to the underground life in Downtown Montreal. After walking in the freezing wind and snow, the teams were happy to discover the underground life, where they were able to shop and see the physical roots of the city.

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The next stop was Eva Bs thrift store and Cafe. Every participant was given free cider, samosas and popcorn and got to dress up as willy wonka characters in the multitude of thrift clothing the store has.


The teams took a stroll through old port and saw the cobblestone streets, did a flash on in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral, and visited Montreal’s maple museum. After tasting several types of maple syrup, butter and ice cream, they really got a taste of Montreal.


After the BIG ADVENTURE all of the teams met up for a clothing exchange and a group picture to commemorate the week. It snowed almost all day but the participants got to experience a real, cold and snowy, Montreal winter. At night all the teams gathered for the opening ceremonies which took place at the beautiful venue Pointe a Cailliere. There, they were able to discover the history of Montreal through a visit of the foundations of the city. As the order of presentations was decided, each team (including the ambassadors and execs) wowed everyone with their spirited cheers!

Written by Lise (Maastricht Ambassador) and Shannon (QUT Ambassador)