The big start to a big week ahead. The executive committee and ambassadors met nice and early on a Sunday morning in beautiful Bronfman with the snow falling outside of the windows. After finalizing the last details of the week, ambassadors were quick to move to the airport to pick up their respective teams.

Most ambassadors greeted their incoming teams with a hand-made sign and a box of Montreal’s finest Timbits.

day 0 pic

After leading them back to their hotel to freshen up, most teams and ambassadors filled with excitement met in the lobby of the Marriot hotel each other in person for the first time.

A quality Italian-French dinner was then served at L’Academie as the whole group of MMICC began to familiarize themselves with new names and new faces.
The final destination involved all playing games of pool, foozball and the casual drink at Fitzroy bar on St Denis street.

All in all, day kicked off with a great start and many great memories and friendships to be made throughout the week.

Written by Ben (Wharton Ambassador) and Yassine (McGill Ambassador)