Why Sponsor MMICC?

Benefits of partnering up with the McGill Management International Case Competition (MMICC) include:

  • Networking with high-ranking executives from other companies and foster future business relationships
  • Significant exposure and visibility at our events but also on our web page and through our social media
  • Recruitment of the top undergraduates students at McGill University and other leading international schools
  • Reinforcing your social responsibility in the Montreal community

Not only does MMICC provide the opportunity for companies to network with peers and foster future business relationships but companies who sponsor us gain significant exposure to the student population through our various forms of social media. In addition, brand recognition is increased through extensive promotion throughout the McGill community. This is an opportunity to go beyond the typical recruitment process, as the resume and interview process does not normally allow you to gauge the aptitudes of new recruits in a real-life setting; now you have the opportunity to see them perform in comparison to their peers.

William Rossy
William RossyVP Sponsorship
Email: sponsorship@mmicc.org
Brianna Fratila
Brianna FratilaVP Sponsorship
Email: sponsorship@mmicc.org