MMICC 2014

March 17-23, 2014


1st Place – International Team: McGill, Belgrade, Berkeley, Wharton

2nd Place – Thammasat University

3rd Place – University of Pennsylvania (The Wharton School)

The Case

Title Saputo Inc.
Authors William Polushin, Sergiy Zhukov, Richard Doyle
Publisher Desautels Faculty of Management – Program for International Competitiveness
Date December 2013
Pages 31 pages
Overview This case illustrates the story of Saputo Inc. which is synonymous with cheese and milk products. In a concerted attempt to grow in a very controlled Canadian market, Saputo grew to include over 50 brands. The timeline from 1954 to present is a very busy one with acquisitions both nationally and internationally. Doing business in five countries and exporting to over 40 countries, Saputo is a global player in its industry.
Almost all of Saputo’s growth has come from acquisition as greenfield developments are much more difficult in this sector. Most of its profits are derived from efficient production, economies of scale and by being extremely streamlined with zero-cost budgeting and the attitude that “we manage with what we need”.[Abstract from Authors]


Judging Panel

Eric Orr Director of Business Development Freedom 55 Financial
Jérôme Marquis Portfolio Manager Caisse de Depot
Marie Lapointe Director Rio Tinto Alcan
Gordon Hamilton VP Sales & Marketing Rio Tinto Alcan
Massimo Iamello Senior Manager Deloitte
Cristina Baptista Senior Accountant KPMG
Maithili Sagar Vice President Kinderville/Savantsoft
Miro Yaghi Vice President Gildan
Gordon Macfie President 7027109 Canada Inc.
George Attar CIO & Senior VP McKesson


Evrard Muco, Bridget Zhang


Richard Donovan Competition Advisor



Alan Liu VP Sponsorship
Louis-Philippe Ferland VP Sponsorship
Sophia Ebelt VP External
Emily Zhou VP External
Ceren Koca VP Internal
Elie Lubendo VP Internal
Tony Liu VP Media
Eloise Charreyron VP Media
Jocelyn Peng VP Creative
Mary Lam VP Web Design


McGill Ambassadors

Laura May Thammasat University
Joshua Phoon University of Pennsylvania (The Wharton School)
Coline Fiévet Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
Kailee Miner University of Auckland
Raymond Chan University of Belgrade
Himani Nagrath University of Alberta
Kangni Chen Copenhagen Business School
Valerie Ha University College Dublin – Quinn School of Business
Erica Pergamalis McGill University
Jessica Panetta UBC
Emilien Arnold International