MMICC 2010

“Celebrate” – March 23-27, 2010


1st Place – Thammasat University

2nd Place – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

3rd Place – University of Pennsylvania (The Wharton School)

The Case

Title Cirque du Soleil – The High-Wire Act of Building Sustainable Partnerships
Authors Ramon Casadesus-Masanell, Maxime Aucoin
Publisher Harvard Business Publication Corp
Date June 2nd, 2009
Pages 21 pages
Overview The case describes the history and business model of Cirque du Soleil (CdS). The case allows for a rich discussion and analysis of Cirque du Soleil’s business model with an emphasis on how it interacts with that of MGM Mirage.Le Cirque and MGM’s business models complement one another: MGM makes important capital investments in theaters tailored to CdS’s shows that are located in the middle of MGM casinos, CdS acts as a magnet for traffic for an exclusive clientele that spends large amounts of money at the casino. CdS’s partnership with MGM has been tremendously profitable. This raises the question of why hold up and opportunism have not destroyed competitive advantage for both entities: What features in CdS and MGM Mirage’s business models have resulted in such a successful partnership?The case is set at a juncture where Daniel Lamarre (CdS’s CEO) is looking for new opportunities for growth. Lamarre is pondering the likelihood of success of Cirque’s first resident show in Asia at Tokyo Disney Resort, its entry in the Macao market, and a new partnership with two subsidiaries of Dubai World, the sovereign wealth fund of the Emirate.The question is: Can Le Cirque find a new model of complementary relationships that will be as profitable as its relationship with MGM Mirage?[Abstract from authors]


Judging Panel

Stephen Atkison Underwriter Chubb Insurance Company of Canada
George S. Attar CIO and Senior VP, Strategy and Government Relations McKesson Canada
Taryn Barker Consultant Samson Bélair/Deloitte & Touche
Daniel Coyle Market Specialist Chubb Insurance Company of Canada
Audrey Davis Corporate Strategy Consultant Deloitte Consulting
Tony Fionda Manager, Mergers and Acquisitions National Bank Financial
Michael Handelsman Manager, Strategic Planning Tim Hortons
Rhodri Harries Senior VP, Commercial, Energy & Carbon Products Rio Tinto Alcan
Nicolino Iannotti Director of External Reporting, Accounting Policies & Special Projects Gildan Activewear Inc.
Gordon MacFie CFO / COO TelcoBridges
Eric J. Orr New Advisor Training Manager Freedom 55 Financial
Manishi Sagar President & CEO The Kinderville Group
Pradeep Sagar Regional Director SavantSoft Technologies Inc.
Dr Nigel Stewart VP Technology Sales, OPEX & Climate Change Rio Tinto Alcan



Khaled Kteily, Emily Price


Richard Donovan Competition Advisor
Aditi Hariharan Executive Advisor



Johnson Peng VP Sponsorship
Daniel Peretz VP Sponsorship
Sarah Chow VP External
Margeaux Girardin VP External
Dritan Kallamata VP Internal
Annika Lewis VP Internal
Samuel Latham VP Logistics
Kurt Glatzfelder VP Web Design
Olivia Siu VP Creative Design


McGill Ambassadors

Anjana Jain Copenhagen Business School
Lisa Dang Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Kitty Hou McGill University
Jean-François Poulin National University of Singapore
Sean Cai Simon Fraser University
Amanda Chung Thammasat University
David Irwin University of California, Berkeley
Leila Sturznegger University of Pennsylvania (The Wharton School)
Ava Yazdani University of Southern California
Emily MacKay University of Washington


Extended Team

Mathieu Prévost Volunteer (Day 4)
Tyler Ye Photographer