MMICC 2007

“Success Through Challenge” – March 20-24, 2007


1st Place – National University of Singapore

2nd Place – Simon Fraser University

3rd Place – University of Washington

The Case

Title Shimano and the High-End Road Bike Industry
Authors Garth Saloner, Victoria Chang
Publisher Harvard Business School Publication Corp
Date Jan 27, 2006
Pages 28 pages
Overview Professional cycling teams use road bikes made up of several parts or components: frames, forks, wheels and tires, saddles, seat posts, handlebars, and pedals. Shimano, founded and based in Sakai City, Japan, makes many of the key components of a bike. The fact that each of the different components to a high-end road bike are manufactured by different companies makes for a complicated bike industry supply chain. By 2006, Shimano had grown from a family-based business (founded by Shozoburo Shimano in 1920) that focused on freewheels, to a $1.6 billion global company (with net income of $186 million) that not only manufactured mid- to high-end bike components (and low-end components as well), but also made fishing tackle.Shimano’s leaders reflected on the company and its growth trajectory. They were particularly proud of Shimano’s market domination, largely attributable to the company’s commitment to research and technology, as well as to the amount of value the company had been able to leverage from the industry’s supply chain. As new technologies and new companies began to enter the market, and the longer term sales trend of a mature road bike industry remained relatively flat–despite the “Armstrong effect”–Shimano’s leaders and their team wondered how to continue their growth in the mid- to high-end components market and achieve growth on an even greater global scale.


Judging Panel

George S. Attar VP & CIO McKesson Canada
Aurelie Daoust-Lalande Enterprise Risk, Senior Consultant Samson Bélair/Deloitte & Touche
Tony Fionda Director, M&As National Bank Financial
Nicolino Ianotti Senior Audit Manager Samson Bélair/Deloitte & Touche
Joanne Lalonde-Hayes Founder & President More Time Moms Publishing Inc.
Gordon MacFie CFO TelcoBridges
Manishi Sagar President & CEO The Kinderville Group
Eric J. Orr Financial Security Advisor Freedom 55 Financial
Pradeep Sagar President SavantSoft Technologies Inc.
Manon Richer Publisher L’Actualité Médicale



Peter Chow, Jean-Louis Nguyen


Richard Donovan – Competition Advisor

Neha Bhasin – Executive Advisor


Blake Connolly VP Sponsorship
Radhika Mathur VP Sponsorship
Elizabeth Lund VP External
Teresita Perez-Salamero VP External
Jessica Johannes VP Internal
Aditi Hariharan VP Logistics
Patricia Yip VP Communications/Media
Chelsea Fieldsend Student Advisor


McGill Ambassadors

Mariana Josan Corvinus University of Budapest
Yana Yuan Georgetown University
Matthew Atwood Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Nathan Perez McGill University
Umair Suria National University of Singapore
Janice Lam Simon Fraser University
MaryAnne He Thammasat University
Raquel Varela University of Auckland
Dana Bogen University College Dublin
Shristi Goyal University of Economics, Prague
Courtney Davies University of South Carolina
Lan Wang University of Washington


Extended Team

Maithili Sagar Volunteer (Day 5)
Preety Saini Volunteer (Day 5)