MMICC 2006

“For the Leaders of Tomorrow” – March 21-25, 2006


1st Place – Thammasat University

2nd Place – University of Auckland

3rd Place – Peking University (Guanghua School of Management)

The Case

Title Strategic Activism: The Rainforest Action Network
Authors David P. Baron, David S. Barlow, Ann M. Barlow, Erin Yurday
Publisher Harvard Business School Publication Corp
Date Jul 29, 2004
Pages 23 pages
Overview The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) worked “to protect the Earth’s rainforests and support the rights of their inhabitants through education, grassroots organizing, and nonviolent direct action.” RAN accomplished its mission by organizing campaigns to redirect corporations away from the destruction and exploitation of nonsustainable forest resources. RAN worked with other nongovernmental organizations, student groups, and indigenous forest communities.Founded in 1985, RAN had 10,000 members and an annual budget of $2 million in 2003. Over time, the scope of RAN’s campaigns had broadened. RAN sought to stop the logging of old growth forests, protect fragile ecosystems, and reduce the threat to forests and the environment due to climate change. RAN’s three campaigns in 2004–the Old Growth Campaign, the Global Finance Campaign, and Jumpstart Ford–focused on these objectives. In April 2003, RAN’s board of directors appointed as executive director Michael Brune, the former campaigns director for the organization. Brune and the board of directors began a review of RAN’s strategy and mission in light of the expanded scope of RAN’s campaigns. RAN had limited resources and was stretched to conduct three campaigns. What changes to RAN’s strategy, structure, and resource base would be required if it were to expand its mission, for example, to include natural systems such as clean air, clean water, and the climate?


Judging Panel

George S. Attar VP & CIO McKesson Canada
Sam El Chaer Financial Advisor Berkshire Group
Glenn Doré President MacDonald Cartier Investments Inc.
Alexandre Fradette Account Manager HSBC Bank Canada
Nick Ianotti Senior Audit Manager Samson Belair/Deloitte & Touche
Gordon MacFie CFO TelcoBridges
Susan McIntosh Manager, Subordinate Financing BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada)
Eric J. Orr Financial Security Advisor Freedom 55 Financial
Jonathan Raymond Account Manager HSBC Bank Canada
Manon Richer Publisher L’Actualité Médicale
Lea Saade Financial Services Manager National Bank of Canada
Pradeep Sagar CEO NewCanadian Publishing



Neha Bhasin, Sonali Shah


Richard Donovan – Competition Advisor


Ali Benlamine VP Sponsorship
Chelsea Fieldsend VP Sponsorship
Jessie Chan VP External
Karl Pereira VP Internal
Jean-Louis Nguyen VP InfoTech
Maithili Sagar VP Communications
Peter Chow Student Advisor
Cecilia Szabo Student Advisor


McGill Ambassadors

Jessica Johannes Copenhagen Business School
Aditi Hariharan Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Kristin Stants McGill University
Teresita Perez-Salamero Peking University
Jerry Holowko Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics
Umair Suria Singapore Management University
Lan Wang Thammasat University
Robyn Cauchy University of Auckland
Hersh Kothari University of California, Berkeley
Christina Duong Universiteit Maastricht
Audreea Faur University of Southern California
Patricia Yip University of Western Ontario