MMICC 2018 Directors

Jake Sinclair

Managing Director

Major: Marketing
Home town: Montreal 
Go to Montreal Spot: Vices & Versa

Jordan McKenzie

Managing Director

Major: Information Systems

Where do you call home: Montreal, QC

Favourite Place in Montreal: Musee des Beaux Arts (Montreal Museum of Fine Arts)

MMICC 2018 Executive Committee

Erin Rose

VP Sponsorship

Major: Maths
Home town: Detroit, Michigan
Go to Montreal Spot: Clocktower Beach

Alex Adam

VP Sponsorship

Major: Strategy
Home town: Buenos Aires, NYC
Go to Montreal Spot: Super Sandwich

Selena Zhu

VP Sponsorship

Home town: Vancouver
Go to Montreal Spot: Mclennan Library

Olivia Bruzzese

VP Academic

Major: Accounting
Home town: Montreal
Go to Montreal Spot: Mount-Royal

Abigail MacKenzie-Armes

VP Academic

Major: Finance
Home town: Toronto
Go to Montreal Spot: Cafe M

Julia Barreau

VP Academics

Major: Marketing
Home town: Montreux, Switzerland
Go to Montreal Spot: The Old Port

Cherry Wong

VP Logisitics

Hometown: Northern Ontario

Favourite Place in Montreal: Beaver Lake

Gillian Bradley

VP Logisitics

Where do you call home: Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

Favourite Place in Montreal: Place Emilie-Gamelin

Ashley Melizan

VP Media

Hometown: Trinidad & Tobago

Favourite Place in Montreal: Bota Bota

Michael Dove Osman

VP Media

Major: Human Resources

Where do you call home: The Samuel L. Bronfman Building

Favourite Place in Montreal: The Samuel L. Bronfman Building

Marie Neveu

VP Internal

Where do you call home: The French Alps

Favourite Place in Montreal: Le Plateau

Eric Lee

VP Design

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Favourite Place in Montreal: Probably somewhere where he can’t fill out a form.