And we’re off to the races! The case sponsor has been revealed and teams have been cracking all day. Bonlook is a Canadian eyewear company focused on providing customers with a seamless omnichannel experience. The eyewear company is in the final stages of its growth in Canada and has asked our teams to consider its next steps of expansion.

After going back to their designated hotel rooms, teams spent a few hours discussing the case they were given in order to come up with questions that they can ask the case sponsor. Then in the afternoon, all teams went down to a meeting room in the hotel where they were able to clarify some details about the case with the CEO and Director of Marketing of Bonlook.

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Today was another amazing day at MMICC.
After an amazing inaugural night and a very well needed night of rest all teams meet early at the lobby for our special activity.
Today was all about snow tubing and a Canadian sugar shack!
Some of us were not that prepared for the activity but other brought their A game with snow pants and sky jackets. What is sure is that everybody had an amazing time.
After playing in the snow for a few hours we went directly to an amazing Canadian lunch at the sugar shack. There we eat everything from smoked ham to baked maple beans, country style omelette, and for desert an amazing sugar tart and classic maple taffe.
After lunch we returned to our hotel in Montreal, where we all got a needed nap.
To rap up the day, teams went to see and familiarize themselves with the presentation rooms.
Tomorrow will be an amazing day, first day of the case cracking!

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We started the day at bronfman for rules presentations. We then made our way to the arts building for photos and T-shirt exchange. Each participant has to bring a shirt from their school and exchange it with another participant! We also took our soon-to-be iconic ambie photo.
After lunch, each participant was able to choose between 3 activities: Observatory, ice skating, or mini golf. We (Emily and Lou) decided to do ice skating ⛸ take a look at our crazy photos/videos below! Teams who went to the observatory were able to enjoy a beautiful view of the city at the highest viewpoint in Montreal. Last but certainly not least, the rest of the participants, ambassadors, and execs had a glowing time with glow-in-the-dark golf!
at the end of the afternoon we headed out to the montreal museum of archeology and history, where we first took pictures with our teams and enjoyed a cocktail. We then took a guided tour through the ruins and learned about montreal’s history. We had dinner and mingled with members of other teams, particularly enjoying a desert buffet. Afterwards, all teams (ambassador and execs included) performed their own team chant, and we ended the night at santos, a bar in old port!

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The second day of MMICC started off with teams going on their own adventures around Montreal in the morning. As some teams went to Mont Royal to catch the beauty of downtown Montreal, some teams went on food adventures to experience the cultural diversity. I’m the afternoon, teams made their way to the MMICC local’s final. During the hour long presentations, the international team were finally able to get a first experience at McGill’s case competition. The three local teams did a wonderful jobs and during the cocktail, the international teams and them engaged in all sorts of casual as well as intellectual conversations. After the cocktail, teams went to karaoke to show off their talents. As the stars took the stages with the microphones, the audiences were enjoying themselves as well. In the end, the time always passes way too fast, and the Tuesday’s activities are already coming on their way.

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Day 6: The Final Day

This is it. The moment you’ve been waiting for. After 32 hours of caffeine, sweat, furious typing and mouse clicking with the occasional 4am dance party in between to help you keep your sanity. You have been preparing for months. The executives have been planning this week for a year. It all boils down to this moment. What are you? Nervous. You are nervous.

And you should be. You want it. You want to win.
You wake up before your alarm goes off because your body clock told you to. You iron your dress pants, straighten your tie, or slip on those heels and make your way over to Bronfman for the practice run. You take an extra-large coffee and a few bites from breakfast. The stress oozes out of you and your team. You all depend on each other. You all spent 32 hours locked in your case crack room. You all want your team to win.
And believe me when I say this, every university present at MMICC 2015 sent their best candidates. You are competing against some of the world’s finest business students. Your deck is ready, your outfit is on point, you smile just enough. And yet your entire fate rests in the hands of 12 judges, so no matter how hard you try, you’re wondering if your best is enough at all.

Round 1: the McKesson room judges spared no mercy with the teams. This made forecasting winners even more allusive.
Round 2: you power through, this is the home stretch.
Every single team walked out of their second presentation with a smile on their face. They had made it. Finally. They had made it.

The truth is, as soon as your presentation finishes, it’s no longer about you. The relief sets in. The stress releases your soul and the dark rainclouds over your head dissipate. It’s clear now; there is no more you. There is just us. MMICC doesn’t happen because of one person, it exists because of the collective efforts of the executives, ambassadors, volunteers, advisors, and participants. Unlike every other case competition out there, MMICC epitomizes their slogan, the world’s friendliest case competition, and brings this vision to life. You, now becomes a We. And we reflect on the past seven days of adventure, bonding and happiness that shaped our very existence. We, the MMICC of 2015, gracefully board the buses to La Toundra, where an exquisite evening of comradery is paired with an Argentinean red. We dine, smiling faces clad in red, grey, black and white; an ode to the MMICC spirit. We laugh and reflect on the last week, everything from the Opening Ceremonies, to the Big Adventure, and of course, Snow Tubing. We find that despite only having spent a week together, we have tapped into a network of likeminded individuals with ideas and cultures from around the world. We understand that we have been initiated into the newest generation of the MMICC family, 15 years strong.
Dinner has come to an end. The judges have deliberated, and they presented us with the following decision.
Third place: the Wharton School of the Business at the University of Pennsylvania
Second Place: Thammasat University
And the moment we have been waiting for:

And just like that, the week had come to a close. We relish the opportunity to spend this last night together. We know we gave our all; the participants fought to win, and the committee fought to give them one of the best weeks of their life. In the end, what you will remember most about MMICC is the friendships you made during that week, and how ultimately, you wouldn’t have made the memories you did without being surrounded by all of these phenomenal people.

Cheers to us, MMICC. 15 years young, with many, many more to go!

Written by Cheresa Lemaire (Team International’s Ambassador)

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Day 5: The Games Continue…

When it comes to 32 hour case cracks, its difficult to know when Thursday night ends and when Friday morning begins. As the Montreal sun rose over the Marriott Residence Inn this morning, it is safe to say that this marker of the new day went unnoticed at large, especially by the exhausted ambassadors and execs. As teams continued to deliberate, and be accompanied out for walks and smokes, and ask for water, and ask for coffee (both brewed and bought), and ask to order pizza with extra mushrooms and cheese, and request McDonalds at 3am (FYI the closest McDs is a half-hour walk away in the -10°C cold), and ask for obscure shades of yellow highlighters… the MMICC team exhausted Netflix offerings while struggling to deal with dysfunctional walkie talkies, staying awake in general, and disgruntled hotel workers.

As the 32 hours drew to a close, emotions were varied. For some teams, tensions rose high, while for others, dinner was the primary concern. Regardless of the situation, the infamous USB sticks were collected by courageous execs and ambles. Finally, everyone could eat. Mission accomplished… almost.

poto day 5

Written by Johanna Diao (SFU’s Ambassador)

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Day 4: May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favour

Let the games begin! It’s been 3 days of getting to know each other at restaurants, bars, karaoke and last, but definitely not least, on the slippery slopes followed by a sugar high. After all of these fun-filled days, all teams were prepped and ready to go on Wednesday morning. With their game faces on and breakfast in their bellies, our participants had their rooms inspected to be ready for competition.

Each team was then taken to Bronfman where they had their last goodbyes with their advisors and some hugs from their loving ambassadors (mama bears and papa bears). At exactly 10.00am, we had the big reveal in the Live Case Presentation. Our eager participants were focused and driven, and came out of the room with big smiles on their faces, ready to begin the crack.


Everybody gathered together and headed straight to the hotel to begin the fierce case crack with ambassadors on each floor and executives in HQ ready for anything and everything to come their way, with walkie-talkies, no less. Our hardworking teams from around the world had a couple of hours before they were given the opportunity to ask 2 wisely-chosen questions in a Live Case Q&A Session in Bronfman.


Once the teams returned to the hotel, business formal slowly but surely transformed into case crack comfortable – sweatpants, hoodies and we can’t forget those onesies! Amidst all the stern preparation, the ambassadors made sure to keep each other entertained in the Marriott hallways, with some gymnastics, dancing, coffee-runs, countless selfies and the privilege of each other’s company! While we had many serious faces around the hotel, seeing all those wide eyes and big smiles were no surprise each and every time we handed out snacks and meals to keep those engines running! Waffles, anybody?
On behalf of the MMICC Executive Committee, ambassadors, advisors, and everybody involved, we wish all the participants good luck and we are all very proud!


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Day 3: Snow, Sugar, Sun & Sugar

Day 3 was kicked off with a bright and early start! All eleven teams eagerly loaded the buses with their GoPros and winter gear and headed towards Mont-Avila for an exciting day of snow tubing. As always, this is certainly one of the biggest highlights of MMICC week for both the first-timers as well as those that are used to a little cold. Upon our arrival, despite the initial hesitation of some (shout out to VP sponsorship Victoire and Thammasat Advisor Jeab Orapan for braving through it), all of the competitors, advisors, executive committee, and ambassadors bundled up and raced down the steep slopes of Mont-Avila.


Following the fabulous snow tubing, the entire group was treated to a classic French Canadian sugar shack meal in a beautiful wooden cabin. You may have guessed it, it was all about the maple syrup; what’s more Canadian than that? Eggs, bacon, sausage, ham and baked beans all deliciously prepared with maple syrup! However it didn’t stop there, participants had a chance to taste sugar pie, ‘pudding chaumeur’ and the classic maple taffy on a stick as dessert. Needless to say, some found themselves slipping into a “sugar coma” but the flavourful experience was surely worth it.


Written by Samantha (Solvay’s Ambassador) and Katerina (Thammasat’s Ambassador)

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Day 2: Charlie and the snowy factory

This morning the teams woke up early for a Charlie and the Chocolate factory themed BIG ADVENTURE around Montreal. All of the teams were split into groups of 8 and taken on a walking tour to see the cultural sights of Montreal.


The first stop of the Team Mike Teavee was the Redpath Museum on McGill Campus. There the the team were able to see a variety of mounted animals. After looking at the mummies and skeletons, the team was taken to the underground life in Downtown Montreal. After walking in the freezing wind and snow, the teams were happy to discover the underground life, where they were able to shop and see the physical roots of the city.

11072839_10203773088395651_489612120_n 11063400_10203773077515379_1838990783_n


The next stop was Eva Bs thrift store and Cafe. Every participant was given free cider, samosas and popcorn and got to dress up as willy wonka characters in the multitude of thrift clothing the store has.


The teams took a stroll through old port and saw the cobblestone streets, did a flash on in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral, and visited Montreal’s maple museum. After tasting several types of maple syrup, butter and ice cream, they really got a taste of Montreal.


After the BIG ADVENTURE all of the teams met up for a clothing exchange and a group picture to commemorate the week. It snowed almost all day but the participants got to experience a real, cold and snowy, Montreal winter. At night all the teams gathered for the opening ceremonies which took place at the beautiful venue Pointe a Cailliere. There, they were able to discover the history of Montreal through a visit of the foundations of the city. As the order of presentations was decided, each team (including the ambassadors and execs) wowed everyone with their spirited cheers!

Written by Lise (Maastricht Ambassador) and Shannon (QUT Ambassador)

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