A Weekend Getaway: The beginning of MMICC 2015

On October 3rd, 13 of us gathered outside the iconic Roddick Gates, excited to embark on an adventure, known as the legendary MMICC retreat. Sitting on bags of personal belongings and stacks of pillows, we were impatiently waiting for our rides to take us to “La Chute”, a small town 2 hours away from Montreal. After a car ride filled with laughter and sing-alongs, we, the 2015 executive committee reached our final destination: a quaint wooden house, situated by a beautiful lake.

The weekend encompassed fun games and activities, time to relax, and more serious discussions about MMICC expectations – all the while creating much-awaited committee bonding. The very first committee meeting was held and it did not take a long time to realize the natural dynamism and synergetic talent of the team. This talent was showcased when the co-chairs organized a little challenge for us: each pair was given a “real MMICC life” scenario and we were required to think on our feet. Putting on our MMICC thinking caps, we had to discuss with our partners and find a solution to the problem in under 30 seconds. This was our first taste of what was in store for us.

This year, we will be celebrating MMICC’s 15th year anniversary. Our objective is to not only uphold but to also expand upon the legacy and persona that has been created throughout these 15 years. With a plan in the works to significantly expand MMICC’s awareness within our community, expose students to the various facets of case culture, and implement a sustainability clause, we hope to reinforce and secure MMICC’s position in the future.

With the guidance of our brilliant co-chairs Ceren and Sophia, all 10 of us committee members could not be more excited to bring our MMICC’ers together again this winter for a week filled with teamwork, friendship and professionalism. Together, all 14 of us are committed to hard work, determination and most importantly, unconditional support for each other. After all, MMICC is family.

Enjoy browsing through this innovatively-designed website and keep checking back for information about our case workshops, ambassador recruitment and everything else we have in store for you. We look forward to seeing you at the world’s friendliest case competition when #MMICCturns15.


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2014 Winners

2014 winners

Congratulations to all participants of MMICC 2014. It’s been an incredible week for all those involved.

The MMICC 2014 winners are:

1st Place: Team International (comprised of Thammasat University, McGill University, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School and the University of Belgrade)

2nd Place: Thammasat University

3rd Place: University of Pennsylvania Wharton School

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Day 3 – Trop Canadien Pour Moi

Day 3 was jam-packed and full of excitement. The entire contingent had an early morning boarding the buses at 8:00 AM to Mont Avila for a fun-filled day of snow tubing. Many of the participants had never experienced the thrill of sliding down a snowy hill and it was definitely an experience to cherish as evident by the faces of these participants. Needless to say, the morning was filled with tons of fun, which will without doubt, be a highlight of MMICC 2014. Shout-out to VP Internal Ceren who rafted down the snowy hill without fear, thereby earning the love of all the ambassadors.


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Presentation Day Schedule

To see presentation day livestream, please go to http://bcooltv.mcgill.ca/MGMTCase/

Presentation Day Schedule 

9:00am Alberta, Copenhagen

9:40am University College Dublin, McGill University

10:20am ITAM, University of Belgrade

11:00am International, Thammasat

11:40am Wharton School of Business, University of Auckland

Lunch Break


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Day 2 – The Big Adventure

Day 2

The teams have now gotten to know each other and become part of the MMICC family. 

Early in the morning they attended a rules briefing presented by Professor Donovan, and the winners of the hype video contest were announced. Belgrade placed first, Alberta second, and Auckland third. All the other teams that didn’t make the podium still had thrilling videos!


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Day 0 – Let the Good Times Roll!


The first day of MMICC is already upon us and the whole team is super excited to have you in Montreal!! There’s no better way of getting to know each other than over bacon and eggs at Desautels students’ favorite brunch place, Universel. Ambassadors got to sit together with their teams and meet other participants while enjoying their delicious food. After regaining our strength, some of us faced the cold and walked down to the Saint Patrick’s Parade on Sainte Catherine Street. In the evening, we all headed to l’Académie for our first family dinner! Most of the teams had arrived by then and we had so much fun introducing ourselves to our fabulous contestants over spaghetti and mussels. Once everyone got ready to party, we made our way to Apartment 200 for a great game night! All we can say is that Day 0 was a great start-off to what will be one of the best weeks of our lives!

Written by: Coline (Ambassador for Team México) & Himani (Ambassador for Team Alberta)

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Where you should go when in Montreal

Excuse me, what now? MMICC is only 10 days away? Yikes, it’s time to rest up & start pondering over what to pack.

In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Montreal locations for you to check out while here – if you find a spare moment, that is!

Restaurants: Santropol

Cafe Santropol (3990 St Urbain St) – this quirky location boasts delicious sandwiches, & perfectly captures the essence of the Plateau neighbourhood.
Deville Diner (1425 Stanley) – 2 words: Lobster BLTA (a.k.a. Bacon Lettuce Tomato Avocado)
L’Evidence (3619 St Denis St) – Montreal is known for its brunch locations, but this gem offers excellent food along with impeccable service.


Coffee Shops:

Café Falco

Humble Lion (904 Sherbrooke W) – voted one of the best in all of Montreal, and only 2 doors down from your hotel.
Mamie Clafoutis (3660 rue St Denis) – very French, try the Oh-Mon-Dieu pastry (the name is quite accurate).
Café Falco (5605 Avenue de Gaspé) – if you find yourself wandering through the artsy Mile End neighbourhood, stop by here and savour the skilfully brewed coffee as well as the shop’s industrial decor.


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Case Culture

Case Culture

Business cases have been around universities for an extensive time. What is case culture like at the Desautels Faculty of Management? (more…)

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Who are our participating schools?


As our ambassador recruitment reaches full gear, we thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce MMICC 2014’s participating schools! Here is a little taste of what these exceptional universities are like. If you find the one not-so-accurate fact we’ve slipped in here, you will receive a free MMICC Pub Crawl ticket! 

University of Alberta


Established in 1908 (by a McGill alumnus!)
Motto Quaecumque vera, ( “whatsoever things are true”)
Fun Fact You will find sinks with no drains, doors that open to brick walls, and stairwell that lead to nowhere in the mysterious Biological Sciences Building

Wharton Business School


Established in 1881, as the first business school in the U.S.
Motto Leges Sine Moribus Vanae, (“Laws without morals [are] useless”)
Fun Fact The University’s football field is known to be the oldest in the country

Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México


Established in 1946
Motto Por un México más libre, más justo y más próspero“, (“For a freer, fairer and more prosperous Mexico”)
Fun Fact Rumor has it that ITAM students have the most hours of classes in all of the country


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