Excuse me, what now? MMICC is only 10 days away? Yikes, it’s time to rest up & start pondering over what to pack.

In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Montreal locations for you to check out while here – if you find a spare moment, that is!

Restaurants: Santropol

Cafe Santropol (3990 St Urbain St) – this quirky location boasts delicious sandwiches, & perfectly captures the essence of the Plateau neighbourhood.
Deville Diner (1425 Stanley) – 2 words: Lobster BLTA (a.k.a. Bacon Lettuce Tomato Avocado)
L’Evidence (3619 St Denis St) – Montreal is known for its brunch locations, but this gem offers excellent food along with impeccable service.


Coffee Shops:

Café Falco

Humble Lion (904 Sherbrooke W) – voted one of the best in all of Montreal, and only 2 doors down from your hotel.
Mamie Clafoutis (3660 rue St Denis) – very French, try the Oh-Mon-Dieu pastry (the name is quite accurate).
Café Falco (5605 Avenue de Gaspé) – if you find yourself wandering through the artsy Mile End neighbourhood, stop by here and savour the skilfully brewed coffee as well as the shop’s industrial decor.



Big In Japan (3723 Boulevard Saint-Laurent) – it’s classy, it’s hidden, it’s awesome.
Le Lab (1351 Rachel East) – elaborate drinks & fire. Enough said.
La Distillerie (300 Ontario East) – the setting is unique, and 1 (ok, 2) drink(s) will suffice!

Parcs & Other Landmarks oratoire better

Parc La Fontaine – ice skating in the winter, picnics by the fountain in the summer.. What more could you ask for?
Mont Royal – you will enjoy a memorable panoramic view of Montreal after hiking up our city’s highest peak. When you come back this summer, be sure to swing by again on a Sunday for the renowned ‘tam tam’ jam session!
Saint Joseph Oratory (3800 Queen Mary Rd) – founded in 1904, this breathtaking Roman Catholic basilica is the largest of its kind in Canada. Some pilgrims even climb up the church’s (never-ending) steps on their knees.
Chinatown – Visit this neighbourhood’s exotic shops and… Numerous restaurants (especially Cristal No 41 at 1068, boul. St Laurent). Uh oh, it looks like we’re on about food again, did we mention we’re quite gourmand?