In a little bit less thana week, the MMICC family will be adding twelve motivated and crucial members to help us get ready for the competition! What does it mean to be an ambassador?

A guide to the participants:

The Ambassador is the first point of contact between committee and each of the teams they will be leading through the week-long competition and through the city of Montréal. Ambassadors help participants get settled in the city of Montreal, answer their questions about Montreal and McGill and guide the teams through all the great activities planned throughout MMICC week.

Assistance during the crack periods:

During the 36-hour crack period, the ambassador will be able to see first hand how a world-class case competition takes place.  The rules, the struggles, and of course the presentations at the end will allow the ambassador to get an insight on how an international case competition works as well as have an opportunity to see case come to life.

The big adventure leader:

The ambassador will guide his/her team through the city of Montréal and its famous neighbourhoods: The Village, The Underground City and finally the Old-Port. He or She will be able to discover and help the international teamsnavigate the wonderful city we live in, all the while discovering unique Montreal cuisine and landmarks. 

Furthermore, the ambassador position is an opportunity to create great friendships with similar students from all over the world. With teams from 8 different countries, ambassadors have the opportunity to develop relationships with students from 4 different continents that may last a lifetime. It’s also the chance to network with sponsors, advisors and judges from a range of different industries. Some of our ambassador leaders having enjoyed the MMICC experience so much, they went ahead and joined our exec team. One of them is Julianna, one of our VP Internal. Make sure to give her a shout to ask them how the ambassador experience has shaped their view on the international case competition as well as if you have any questions about applying. She along with Shady, make up our Internal duo and are responsible for the recruitment and management of the Ambassador team and can be reached at internal@mmicc.org.

In the mean time, make sure to apply on http://apply2013.mmicc.org

Check out the promo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsB7uTuTOLM

And our Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/430645440334253/?ref=14