Team Washington about to present at MMICC 2007

At most case competitions, the judges typically watch a certain number of presentations in a preliminary round, then a certain number of finalists. At MMICC, the judges are actually required to sit through all of the presentations, and they cannot miss one.

With 10 teams competing this year, each judge is committing to 5 hours of presentation. In any other year, 6 hours. Yet, they honour their task and consistently seek to accomplish it with passion and the utmost impartiality. For many judges, MMICC has become an annual rendez-vous.

At this 10th edition, the judging panel comes from many diverse industries: financial services, health care, telecommunications, insurance, education, retailing, consulting – and this year, mining. All have senior experience, great connections and are leaders in their own field.

The companies represented in 2010 are Freedom 55 Financial, Deloitte, Chubb Insurance, Rio Tinto Alcan, McKesson Canada, National Bank Financial, TelcoBridges, Tim Hortons, The Kinderville Group, SavantSoft and Gildan Activewear. In total, 14 judges will be separated into 2 presentations rooms, where teams will alternate in the morning and afternoon, looking to deliver 2 solid presentations – a key to earn the top spot at MMICC.

Once the teams are done and get ready to change for Closing Ceremonies, the judges are gathered in a room and face the difficult challenge of determining a winner. At MMICC, there is no grading system, no points, no evaluation grid, although we provide the panel with a set of criteria to use as guidelines. The judges are asked to rank, not grade, and they remain free to use whatever system makes sense to them.

Just like in a real business situation, the question often becomes “who would you hire as a consultant”?  Still, this is not an easy task. The playing field is international. The calibre: very high. But it must be done and there is always a winner. A consensus may be reached in just 20 minutes one year. Or it may take 5 hours another (this has happened once!). Only the top 3 winners are announced, and anything can happen at MMICC. The results are in the envelopes!

Stay tuned to find out which team will become champions of the 10th Annual McGill Management International Case Competition! The winners will be announced by Sunday online.