With nights ranging from 2 to 8 hours of sleep, Day
5 started early and with a flurry of activity, as execs and ambassadors, fueled by Red Bull and chocolate cake, facilitated all sorts of requests for the teams (which will remain anonymous). From coffee runs and $300 meal orders to midnight strolls and hallway
stretches, it was clear that each team was managing their stress in their own unique way. A common theme this morning was cranking the music after a (good?) night’s rest in the hopes of finding some source of inspiration or energy, as Aerosmith and traditional
Scottish music was heard along the halls (much to the hotel employees’ dismay).
As the case began to wind down, the emotions were palpable throughout the Mariott hotel. For some teams it was crunch time;
for others a time to relax and reflect on the case, ensuring everything is in place for tomorrow. As the countdown was heard at the end of the day, the ceremonial USB transfer demonstrated a markable lifting of stress. They’re almost at the finish line and
tomorrow they will present their unique solutions to our esteemed judges. The teams’ respective choices for the evening were a true mark of character, whether it was to unwind with a celebratory drink, or meticulously scrutinize every detail of their presentation.
Although the hardest part seems to be over, the part which determines their fate has yet to begin…

Love your Ambies,

Pauline & ClaireExecsWaitingtoCollectUSBs