Day 3 was jam-packed and full of excitement. The entire contingent had an early morning boarding the buses at 8:00 AM to Mont Avila for a fun-filled day of snow tubing. Many of the participants had never experienced the thrill of sliding down a snowy hill and it was definitely an experience to cherish as evident by the faces of these participants. Needless to say, the morning was filled with tons of fun, which will without doubt, be a highlight of MMICC 2014. Shout-out to VP Internal Ceren who rafted down the snowy hill without fear, thereby earning the love of all the ambassadors.

After several hours of snow tubing, we headed inside a rustic chalet to enjoy a feast at a traditional Sugar Shack full of maple-based dishes. Aside from the delicious dishes served, thoughtful conversations and laughter were shared amongst all the participants. Additionally, Team Alberta enjoyed a delightful show at SAT and then a palatable dinner at the FoodLab. Full and happy, we all headed back to Montréal to prepare for the start of the big case crack.

Day 3


Written by: Valerie (Dublin) and Joshua (Pennsylvania)