Day 2

The teams have now gotten to know each other and become part of the MMICC family. 

Early in the morning they attended a rules briefing presented by Professor Donovan, and the winners of the hype video contest were announced. Belgrade placed first, Alberta second, and Auckland third. All the other teams that didn’t make the podium still had thrilling videos!

The contestants were then scrambled and sent on the Big Adventure. It was Cluedo themed and we had to find the kidnapper and rescue Alan. They visited places like the Notre Dame Basilica, Old Port, and the grand Mont Royal. They also tasted Canadian maple syrup and stuffed timbits in their mouths. The delegates got the true Montréal experience and then we took a legendary group picture on campus.

Dinner at Pointe-à-Callière Museum.

Tonight was an astounding opening ceremonies dinner. We started out learning about the history of Montréal at the Museum of Archaeology and exploring what is left of the oldest building in Montréal. We then went on to have a group dinner where all teams, ambassadors, and the executive committee showed off their school spirit with cheers. It was so lively! Every team had fantastic cheers. After dinner, we all headed to Bier Markt to taste the finest beers of the world. With beers from countries like Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic, it was surely a palatable night to remember!

Written by: Kangni (Copenhagen) and Raymond (Belgrade)