Day 1

First day of MMICC today!

The teams arrived, checked in and were soon swept off their feet, Montreal style!

The teams dressed sharply to mingle and meet the other participants, with a side of mushroom and wine. The décor only added to the classy and jovial atmosphere.

The inaugural cocktail featured a speech from the co-chairs, and short introductions from the rest of the committee. With a mix of tasty appetizers and fruitful wine, it was a perfect way to commence the amazing week we will spend together!

Afterwards, the teams went out for a special night out on the town – none other than KARAOKE!

Everyone got down and belted their hearts out during karaoke – tackling some Miley Cyrus and Adele amongst other things – and an amazing night followed suit!

See you soon for more adventures!


Written by: Kailee Miner (Ambassador for Team Auckland)