Hello hello and welcome to MMICC 2017! We are so excited about the start of this fantastic event. This morning the execs and ambassadors had a quick meeting to check that everyone was on board with all the rules and procedures of the week to come. With a quick pop-quiz in good spirits we finished our meeting and got our MMICC t-shirts. Teams were arriving that day so the ambassadors were quickly dismissed and some left for the airport while some finalized last minute shopping.


We all met again for dinner at Wienstein&Gavino’s for delicious Italian food and great company. The Ambassadors and their teams had time to get to know each other before heading over to Brutopia for drinks.

Here was where the fun really started- the teams started to branch out and soon everyone was chatting with everyone, sharing laughs and stories from home.


Overall it was a fantastic start to the whirlwind week that is MMICC!


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