It’s that time of year where resolutions are galore and ambitions high. While most of us struggle to maintain these resolutions, MMICC wants to present to you our guidelines and goals as to what we accomplish and and what you should expect. Every year MMICC goes above and beyond the editions before by setting new goals to elevate our performance and standards.shutterstock226324081*304xx3905-2603-0-401

MMICC 2015’s 15 Resolutions

  1. Make MMICC a household name. We are the competition that has uniquely defined its place in our faculty and community.
  2. Increase the marketing and branding of the event through integrated and unique social media, advertising, and promotion.
  3. MMICC will become the world’s most sustainable and eco-friendly case competition
  4. Show the progression of MMICC that has taken it from MMICC 2001 to 2015, and all the wonders that have come with it!
  5. Encompass 15 years of bright competition into one memorable week.
  6. Represent MMICC as the reliable bank of information for all things case-related.
  7. Continue to grow the talented network that surrounds the competition from all over the world.
  8. Hit the slopes for the annual snowtubing adventure – it’s time we make good use of the snow.
  9. Experience Montreal like never before through our very own Big Adventure.
  10. Represent the legacy that is MMICC through alumni, past projects, and year to year development.
  11. Belt out loud and break some wine glasses with KARAOKE. Who needs Idol!
  12. Increase our international connections and maintain long-lasting friendships with people from all delegations.
  13. Enhance our embodiment of MMICC at Bronfman by wearing our awesome hoodies.
  14. Make MMICC 2015 the best year the competition has ever seen.
  15. Be 15 years young.