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Day 3: Snow, Sugar, Sun & Sugar

Day 3 was kicked off with a bright and early start! All eleven teams eagerly loaded the buses with their GoPros and winter gear and headed towards Mont-Avila for an exciting day of snow tubing. As always, this is certainly one of the biggest highlights of MMICC week for both the first-timers as well as those that are used to a little cold. Upon our arrival, despite the initial hesitation of some (shout out to VP sponsorship Victoire and Thammasat Advisor Jeab Orapan for braving through it), all of the competitors, advisors, executive committee, and ambassadors bundled up and raced down the steep slopes of Mont-Avila.


Following the fabulous snow tubing, the entire group was treated to a classic French Canadian sugar shack meal in a beautiful wooden cabin. You may have guessed it, it was all about the maple syrup; what’s more Canadian than that? Eggs, bacon, sausage, ham and baked beans all deliciously prepared with maple syrup! However it didn’t stop there, participants had a chance to taste sugar pie, ‘pudding chaumeur’ and the classic maple taffy on a stick as dessert. Needless to say, some found themselves slipping into a “sugar coma” but the flavourful experience was surely worth it.


Written by Samantha (Solvay’s Ambassador) and Katerina (Thammasat’s Ambassador)

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Day 2: Charlie and the snowy factory

This morning the teams woke up early for a Charlie and the Chocolate factory themed BIG ADVENTURE around Montreal. All of the teams were split into groups of 8 and taken on a walking tour to see the cultural sights of Montreal.


The first stop of the Team Mike Teavee was the Redpath Museum on McGill Campus. There the the team were able to see a variety of mounted animals. After looking at the mummies and skeletons, the team was taken to the underground life in Downtown Montreal. After walking in the freezing wind and snow, the teams were happy to discover the underground life, where they were able to shop and see the physical roots of the city.

11072839_10203773088395651_489612120_n 11063400_10203773077515379_1838990783_n


The next stop was Eva Bs thrift store and Cafe. Every participant was given free cider, samosas and popcorn and got to dress up as willy wonka characters in the multitude of thrift clothing the store has.


The teams took a stroll through old port and saw the cobblestone streets, did a flash on in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral, and visited Montreal’s maple museum. After tasting several types of maple syrup, butter and ice cream, they really got a taste of Montreal.


After the BIG ADVENTURE all of the teams met up for a clothing exchange and a group picture to commemorate the week. It snowed almost all day but the participants got to experience a real, cold and snowy, Montreal winter. At night all the teams gathered for the opening ceremonies which took place at the beautiful venue Pointe a Cailliere. There, they were able to discover the history of Montreal through a visit of the foundations of the city. As the order of presentations was decided, each team (including the ambassadors and execs) wowed everyone with their spirited cheers!

Written by Lise (Maastricht Ambassador) and Shannon (QUT Ambassador)

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DAY 1: There’s Snow City Like Montreal

After a delicious brunch at Universal with the participants and ambassadors, teams grouped off to pursue their own adventures. Several teams made their way up Mont Royal for a spectacular view and many snowballs fights. Participants toured around the McGill campus, some went shopping on Sainte-Catherine, and others went for all-you-can-eat sushi on Crescent.


After a day full of snowy fun, everyone got together for a great discussion panel on energy and sustainability. We then made our way to Old Montreal for our inaugural cocktail at the lovely Galerie d’art LOFT.

But what makes this day even more exciting? Karaoke night at Ace Bar, of course! Every team performed their best songs. (We certainly hope your voices remain intact for the case competition…)

Caroline (SFU’s ambassador) and Tate (Shantou’s Ambassador)

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Day 0 – Meeting the fam!

The big start to a big week ahead. The executive committee and ambassadors met nice and early on a Sunday morning in beautiful Bronfman with the snow falling outside of the windows. After finalizing the last details of the week, ambassadors were quick to move to the airport to pick up their respective teams.

Most ambassadors greeted their incoming teams with a hand-made sign and a box of Montreal’s finest Timbits.

day 0 pic

After leading them back to their hotel to freshen up, most teams and ambassadors filled with excitement met in the lobby of the Marriot hotel each other in person for the first time.

A quality Italian-French dinner was then served at L’Academie as the whole group of MMICC began to familiarize themselves with new names and new faces.
The final destination involved all playing games of pool, foozball and the casual drink at Fitzroy bar on St Denis street.

All in all, day kicked off with a great start and many great memories and friendships to be made throughout the week.

Written by Ben (Wharton Ambassador) and Yassine (McGill Ambassador)

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15 Resolutions for a Very Special 15th Year

It’s that time of year where resolutions are galore and ambitions high. While most of us struggle to maintain these resolutions, MMICC wants to present to you our guidelines and goals as to what we accomplish and and what you should expect. Every year MMICC goes above and beyond the editions before by setting new goals to elevate our performance and standards.shutterstock226324081*304xx3905-2603-0-401

MMICC 2015’s 15 Resolutions

  1. Make MMICC a household name. We are the competition that has uniquely defined its place in our faculty and community.
  2. Increase the marketing and branding of the event through integrated and unique social media, advertising, and promotion.
  3. MMICC will become the world’s most sustainable and eco-friendly case competition
  4. Show the progression of MMICC that has taken it from MMICC 2001 to 2015, and all the wonders that have come with it!
  5. Encompass 15 years of bright competition into one memorable week.
  6. Represent MMICC as the reliable bank of information for all things case-related.
  7. Continue to grow the talented network that surrounds the competition from all over the world.
  8. Hit the slopes for the annual snowtubing adventure – it’s time we make good use of the snow.
  9. Experience Montreal like never before through our very own Big Adventure.
  10. Represent the legacy that is MMICC through alumni, past projects, and year to year development.
  11. Belt out loud and break some wine glasses with KARAOKE. Who needs Idol!
  12. Increase our international connections and maintain long-lasting friendships with people from all delegations.
  13. Enhance our embodiment of MMICC at Bronfman by wearing our awesome hoodies.
  14. Make MMICC 2015 the best year the competition has ever seen.
  15. Be 15 years young.
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Who run the world? Or MMICC anyway

Last week we released our first official committee video ‘Meet the Execs’. (Click here if you haven’t seen it yet! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjWjWvHL0i0) The storyboard writing, filming and editing was an extremely fun process and we thoroughly enjoyed incorporating 1930s film elements into our edits. Through the Charlie-Chaplin-Style comical skits, we introduced our wonderful 2015 committee. The interview questions below will help you get to know each member a little bit better.

Q1: Where is home for you?

Coline Fievet: My parents move around a lot, but I feel at home whenever I am with them and my siblings.

Bridget Zhang: 

Q2: What is your favourite spot in montreal? (Restaurant, Parc, etc)

Kailee Miner: Parc Jean-Drapeau, because there are multiple amazing events (i.e. Osheaga, Piknic Electronik, Weekends-du-Monde) that take place throughout the year that enhance the cultural experiences Montreal has to offer.

Lily Dinoff: St. Laurent! I love all of the shops, street art, and nightlife. St. Laurent reflects the vibrancy of the city and is a great place to meet up with old friends or make new ones.

Q3: If you were to be a cartoon character, who would it be and why?

Mykolas Raizys: Jerry from Tom & Jerry. Because of its capabilities of overcoming obstacles and adapting to various scenarios to reach the goal – run away from Tom.

Claire Peng: Eugene from Hey Arnold. I injure myself frequently. I twist my ankles all the time just from walking straight. I also have the worst luck in the world — been pooped on by birds twice now!

Q4: In 10 years, I will be…

Ines Dumont: 30 years old. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be settled by then. I’d be living somewhere in South East Asia, with a cute little family and a loving dog. I hope that my future job lets me travel around the world! – it’s what I enjoy the most.

Aly Gohar: Living back home in Egypt, and running my own business. I have a lot of restaurant and bar ideas that I would love to put into action when I get back home.

Q5: If you won a million dollars at the lottery, how would you spend it?

Evrard Muco: Start my own small social business incubator.

Aarushi Kumar: I would buy back my childhood home, let my parents comfortably retire, ensure stability for my descendants, and invest money in developing countries. And buy the New York Giants Football team if there’s anything left.

Q6: If you could invite anyone to MMICC, dead or alive, who would it be?

Victoire Monnier: Probably Coco Chanel. She is an inspiration as a strong business woman who revolutionized fashion.

Valerie Ha: Beyonce! Not only is she Queen Bey and incredibly talented, but she is also a marketing genius. She’s reinvented herself time and time again, and managed to create a cult following regardless of the image she presents. She could perform a killer set, then teach us a few things about branding.

Q7: What are you most excited about in MMICC 2015?

Sophia Ebelt : I am most excited about celebrating 15 years of MMICC, in recognizing everyone that has been part of MMICC and ultimately joining our past with our present.

Ceren Koca: We draw and welcome 12 countries from across the globe to MMICC. The blend of different cultures, backgrounds and personalities for one week of laughter, enjoyment and hard work is what I’m most excited to see.


Do you have answers to these questions that you think we would love? Or just something you would like to share? Comment below with your best answers! Who knows…we might give you a shoutout on our next blog or even our facebook page 🙂

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A Weekend Getaway: The beginning of MMICC 2015

On October 3rd, 13 of us gathered outside the iconic Roddick Gates, excited to embark on an adventure, known as the legendary MMICC retreat. Sitting on bags of personal belongings and stacks of pillows, we were impatiently waiting for our rides to take us to “La Chute”, a small town 2 hours away from Montreal. After a car ride filled with laughter and sing-alongs, we, the 2015 executive committee reached our final destination: a quaint wooden house, situated by a beautiful lake.

The weekend encompassed fun games and activities, time to relax, and more serious discussions about MMICC expectations – all the while creating much-awaited committee bonding. The very first committee meeting was held and it did not take a long time to realize the natural dynamism and synergetic talent of the team. This talent was showcased when the co-chairs organized a little challenge for us: each pair was given a “real MMICC life” scenario and we were required to think on our feet. Putting on our MMICC thinking caps, we had to discuss with our partners and find a solution to the problem in under 30 seconds. This was our first taste of what was in store for us.

This year, we will be celebrating MMICC’s 15th year anniversary. Our objective is to not only uphold but to also expand upon the legacy and persona that has been created throughout these 15 years. With a plan in the works to significantly expand MMICC’s awareness within our community, expose students to the various facets of case culture, and implement a sustainability clause, we hope to reinforce and secure MMICC’s position in the future.

With the guidance of our brilliant co-chairs Ceren and Sophia, all 10 of us committee members could not be more excited to bring our MMICC’ers together again this winter for a week filled with teamwork, friendship and professionalism. Together, all 14 of us are committed to hard work, determination and most importantly, unconditional support for each other. After all, MMICC is family.

Enjoy browsing through this innovatively-designed website and keep checking back for information about our case workshops, ambassador recruitment and everything else we have in store for you. We look forward to seeing you at the world’s friendliest case competition when #MMICCturns15.


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2014 Winners

2014 winners

Congratulations to all participants of MMICC 2014. It’s been an incredible week for all those involved.

The MMICC 2014 winners are:

1st Place: Team International (comprised of Thammasat University, McGill University, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School and the University of Belgrade)

2nd Place: Thammasat University

3rd Place: University of Pennsylvania Wharton School

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Day 3 – Trop Canadien Pour Moi

Day 3 was jam-packed and full of excitement. The entire contingent had an early morning boarding the buses at 8:00 AM to Mont Avila for a fun-filled day of snow tubing. Many of the participants had never experienced the thrill of sliding down a snowy hill and it was definitely an experience to cherish as evident by the faces of these participants. Needless to say, the morning was filled with tons of fun, which will without doubt, be a highlight of MMICC 2014. Shout-out to VP Internal Ceren who rafted down the snowy hill without fear, thereby earning the love of all the ambassadors.


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Presentation Day Schedule

To see presentation day livestream, please go to http://bcooltv.mcgill.ca/MGMTCase/

Presentation Day Schedule 

9:00am Alberta, Copenhagen

9:40am University College Dublin, McGill University

10:20am ITAM, University of Belgrade

11:00am International, Thammasat

11:40am Wharton School of Business, University of Auckland

Lunch Break


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