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DAY 1: Montreal adventures, local and karaoke

17273699_10212542059688844_707865822_o 17311546_10212542060008852_474216834_oWOOHOO! What a great day! Today’s day started at the early hour of 10 am with a whole day of the team’s activities of choice. And wow did they do a lot. Here’s just a sampling of the activities from today….. HKUST enjoyed some smoked meat from Reuben’s while George Town opted for Celine Dion’s Schwartz sandwich. Texas A&M decided to channel their inner lumberjack and go axe throwing at a venue called “Rage”. Being the productive and wonderful students they are, McGill did homework and one of their team members even had an interview! Thammasat did some high flying with eagle flight, a virtual reality experience at the Phi Centre. Berkeley decided to have an “eat all day” kind of day where they apparently had a croissant at every stop. Budapest decided they wanted to go fancy and enjoyed a medium rare steak in Old Port. Belgrade and Calgary were feeling a bit sweet, opting for chocolate decadence at Cacao70 and Juliette et Chocolat. Our international team decided to go on a campus tour to check out the local competition. And finally, Melbourne and Asia Pacific were feeling very Québécois, choosing to enjoy some good old poutine. After all that adventuring, our teams headed to Notman House for a keynote presentation BDC. Teams were also treated to the final round of the MMICC local case competition. It was a close match, but congratulations to team Uncle Pennybags and Brothers on the big win! Currently, as this post is being written, Texas A&M is doing a very poor rendition of Kesha’s “Your Love is My Drug”. Needless to say, karaoke is a hit. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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DAY 0: Arriving to Montreal!

Hello hello and welcome to MMICC 2017! We are so excited about the start of this fantastic event. This morning the execs and ambassadors had a quick meeting to check that everyone was on board with all the rules and procedures of the week to come. With a quick pop-quiz in good spirits we finished our meeting and got our MMICC t-shirts. Teams were arriving that day so the ambassadors were quickly dismissed and some left for the airport while some finalized last minute shopping.


We all met again for dinner at Wienstein&Gavino’s for delicious Italian food and great company. The Ambassadors and their teams had time to get to know each other before heading over to Brutopia for drinks.

Here was where the fun really started- the teams started to branch out and soon everyone was chatting with everyone, sharing laughs and stories from home.


Overall it was a fantastic start to the whirlwind week that is MMICC!


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MMICC through the eyes of: Claire Porter, Former Ambassador



What made you decide to become an MMICC ambassador?

Choosing to apply to be an MMICC ambassador stemmed from my closest friends having an incredible experience with the competition. Those who had been an ambassador or on exec had only one descriptive word about participating in the competition: family. Although we have endless opportunities to get involved at McGill, MMICC is one of the rare organizations where a community is created both internally and worldwide, and that was something I really wanted to be apart of.

What was the most memorable part of your MMICC experience?

Besides being exposed to some of the brightest minds from the best schools in the world, the most memorable part of my experience with MMICC was watching my team present their final solution. Seeing their ideas come to fruition after they put so much thought and effort into their recommendation was an amazing opportunity that makes you proud as an ambassador.

What did you take away from your experiences? What did you learn?

After MMICC I think the main thing that most people take away from the experience is a global network that was created. You get a sense of how other countries and schools approach these strategic problems, but also improve your own cultural awareness, contributing to a well-rounded approach to not only business, but also life in general. Personally, MMICC allowed me to create relationships with people I otherwise would never have met, but also improved my ability to interact with a diverse group of people in a professional capacity.

Any last comments?

Being a member of MMICC in any way is an incredible experience, but being an ambassador allows you to get to know the participants on a more personal level. Cultivating the relationship you have with your team contributes to having an amazing week, and also helps your team perform to the best of their abilities because they know that you’re there to help them in any way you can.

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Day 5

With nights ranging from 2 to 8 hours of sleep, Day
5 started early and with a flurry of activity, as execs and ambassadors, fueled by Red Bull and chocolate cake, facilitated all sorts of requests for the teams (which will remain anonymous). From coffee runs and $300 meal orders to midnight strolls and hallway
stretches, it was clear that each team was managing their stress in their own unique way. A common theme this morning was cranking the music after a (good?) night’s rest in the hopes of finding some source of inspiration or energy, as Aerosmith and traditional
Scottish music was heard along the halls (much to the hotel employees’ dismay).
As the case began to wind down, the emotions were palpable throughout the Mariott hotel. For some teams it was crunch time;
for others a time to relax and reflect on the case, ensuring everything is in place for tomorrow. As the countdown was heard at the end of the day, the ceremonial USB transfer demonstrated a markable lifting of stress. They’re almost at the finish line and
tomorrow they will present their unique solutions to our esteemed judges. The teams’ respective choices for the evening were a true mark of character, whether it was to unwind with a celebratory drink, or meticulously scrutinize every detail of their presentation.
Although the hardest part seems to be over, the part which determines their fate has yet to begin…

Love your Ambies,

Pauline & ClaireExecsWaitingtoCollectUSBs



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Day 4

With hearts racing, teams prepping and the mixture of nerves and excitement in the air, the sunrise brought with it the most anticipated day of the week, the case competition. From as early as 4 a.m. there was a buzz in the hotel while MMICC staff prepared for the day ahead. Some of competing teams opted to share breakfast together, while others focused on last minute team prep. Whatever the agenda, at 8 a.m. sharp case rooms were inspected, and the teams were escorted to Bronfman for the live presentation. You could feel the tension in the air as the teams heard the case for the first time. Mixed emotions could be seen as they were escorted back to the hotel and to their respective case rooms. The most exciting part of the day was definitely what happened at their arrival. Each team’s door was guarded by an ambassador, and emotions were running wild as we counted down to the handing over of the case at 10:30 a.m. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… THE COMPETITION HAS BEGUN! It was a race against time as teams were able to see the case for the first time, and start their analysis. After only a few hours in, the teams were presented with the opportunity to attend a live question and answer session, whereby they were allowed to ask 2 questions per time. While some teams chose to ask only 1 question, other teams took the opportunity to ask 2. After this period ended, the teams were escorted back to their case rooms, where they continue to work on their cases until tomorrow night. Although today was nerve wrecking, the determination and focus of teams could be seen, as so much work had been put into this moment. We believe in all the teams, and wish them all the best as they work tirelessly through the night.

-Ashley (Ambassador for Team USC) and Maria (Ambassador for Team Amsterdam)

-Ashley (Ambassador for Team USC) and Maria (Ambassador for Team Amsterdam)12822788_10208974663463006_1637847035_o


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Day 3

Today was an early start, as teams headed up to Mont-Avila for one of MMICC’s favorite traditions: snow tubing! Despite the warm weather, the snow conditions were perfect and teams set off to enjoy the hills. After the tubing was done, the teams sat down in the nearby “Sugar Shack” for a traditional ski lodge meal of eggs, bacon, sausage, ham and baked beans all deliciously prepared with maple syrup! To top it off, participants were served a variety of delicious maple deserts, and were able to watch how classic maple taffy on a stick is made.
In the evening, participants began to prepare for the big day ahead. Many teams went out for a nice meal, and some joined the execs at the nearby Carlos and Pepe’s for some of their infamous tacos.
See you all tomorrow! ~Snitches~

Your bloggers truly,

Anna and Fiona – The Ambies.

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Day 2

There’s only one time in your life that you can say you woke up at the crack of dawn to get briefed on rules, be toured around a historical site by the sweetest tour guides who are the closest real life versions of Dumbledore that you could probably imagine, wait in line to take shots of maple syrup, take a massive photo, get thousands of years of history in a video with the most enthusiastic and proud female voice we’ve heard in years, enjoy a three course meal with some feisty cheers, and finally enjoy ladies night at a tapas bar?? Well, we’re happy to say we’ve accomplished it all here on Day 2 at MMICC.
Our morning was graced with our faculty advisor and vice dean to remind you all to… use post-it flip charts. just kidding! But in all seriousness, MMICC prizes itself on being a level playing field and we hope the teams like that! The sixty of us then packed into several uber XL’s who’s wait time went from 10 minutes to 9 minutes to 18 minutes to just cancelling it because ain’t nobody got time for that. But after some of us have sufficiently funded uber for the next month ( sorry taxis), we toured city hall to learn about Montreal’s political history and complemented with Montreal’s SWEET history. Literally sweet. So much maple. Sugar rush. Yum. Then we all congregated together like the cult we are to partake in extreme cult like activities – the infamous t-shirt exchange. Word on the street is the Amsterdam team brought some heavy duty sweaters. Round one of the 16th annual hunger games to them. After a well deserved nap sponsored by Panniza’s pizza we tamed our tribes to slay at the PàC museum where we learned, we networked, we cheered, we ate, and we determined the order for the battle of all battles – the 32 hour case. Last but not least, as we, your loyal ambassadors write this blog outside the tapas bar Santos, we are ready to go in and break it down on the dance floor with all the lovely MMICCers, and can’t wait for what else is in store.

Your bloggers truly,
Myles and Aarushi – The Ambies.

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Day 1

For most teams, Day 1 was spent choosing their own adventure. Some teams climbed Mont Royal to catch a glimpse of the Montreal skyline, while other teams elected to go shopping on St. Catherine. Other teams spent the day in the old port, visiting some of Montreal’s older attractions such as the Notre Dame Basilica.

After the adventures, all the teams ventured to McGill’s Management Faculty building to watch the Local Case Competition as well as a lecture from behavioural finance professor, Ken Lester. The Montreal Local case competition featured a case presented by the Canadian Cancer Society. The inaugural cocktail was hosted at the Gallary D’art Loft where an assortment of snacks were shared. The night was capped with a Bohemian Rhapsody themed Karaoke party at McGill favourite, Ace Bar.

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Day 0

Hello everyone and welcome again to MMICC 2016! We are so excited about the coming week. Day 0 started with a delicious brunch at Universel with some teams and their ambassadors. Afterwards, many teams decided to go climb up the famous Mont Royal while other ambassadors went to pick up the missing teams at the airport.
We then had some free time with the teams to roam around the city. For lunch, Thammasat Thailand got to try the authentic “Les Trois Brasseurs” cuisine, toured around campus and loved it!
Many teams are still jetlagged and decided to spend the day resting at the hotel. Later in the evening, the teams went for dinner at L’Académie and got to mingle and know more about each other. We later went to Fitzroy bar and played some pool, drank some beer and had a great time. The week is off to a great start, and we are so excited about the upcoming days!

Ashley, USC &Jake on the Mount Royal lookout

Team Thammasat making their way through the McGill campus.

Teams Auckland, USC & McGill during dinner at L’Académie.

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