MMICC 2013 Official Winners



The 13th edition of MMICC 2013 ended sunday morning with mixed feelings, new unforgettable friendships and an incredible amount of new business and case acumen.


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Day 3 Newsletter




It was an all-canadian experience that the participants had for the third day of MMICC!  The morning and afternoon were composed of snowtubing, a Canadian food feast and some maple taffy to end the trip! While most took their bus time to fill up on highly needed energy, some showed their wrestling and snow-fight prowess between two slides down the hill!


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Day 3!

So here we are now in the middle of it all
Tomorrow’s the case crack, no more time to stall
We wonder who’s gonna be the first one to fall
And who exactly’s the last one standing tall


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Day 2 Newsletter

Screenshot_3_20_13_7_32_AMDay Two was another exciting day, starting with Opening Presentations, where Professor Donovan presented competition rules. Congratulations to BI Norwegian Business School for winning the People’s Choice Award. The lip dub was also presented. Huge shoutouts to team Thammasat and their amazing rendition of the Bohemian Rhapsody.

Next, participants were put into teams and sent off on a scavenger hunt around Montreal prepared by Shady and Julianna, our amazing VP Internal duo. Teams went around to Old Montreal, The Village, and Chinatown. At 2pm, the entire MMICC 2013 delegation gathered outside the McGill University Arts Building for an official group photo, after which a spontaneous snowball fight started!

In the evening, we had our opening ceremonies at the PaC museum in Old Port, where the case presentation order was determined.

Following that, we had our social night at Le Confessional!!

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Day 2!

Day 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a jam-packed, fun-filled day! We kicked off the day with opening presentations by Dean Peter Todd and Professor Donovan.


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Day 1 Newsletter

Screenshot_3_19_13_3_53_PM-3GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!

If you are up right now, either you are up very early (yay!) or… 1-800-call-your-ambassador.

It is a beautiful Tuesday morning, I hope you are ready for the snowstorm outside!! There is a hot and cold breakFEAST waiting for you downstairs! We hope everyone had a good first evening!! MMICC has never heard such beautiful voices in its history lareo ke! Big shout-out to the Melbourne Team (AMAZING) making the Backstreet Boys sound like modern day opera (and Vikram, you rocked it!). The committee also wishes to welcome UBC and UC Berkeley who arrived yesterday!

At 9:00am, the Opening Presentations commence. We will have important guests speaking such as the Dean of the Mcgill Management Desautels Faculty. He will be followed by the Faculty Advisor, Professor Donovan, as well as the co-chairs! Afterwards, we will announce the winner for the Hype Videos!

Next the big adventure will allow participants to discover the wonders of Montréal and test their skills of resolving the Alice in Wonderland Clues!The day will continue with the opening ceremonies at 5:30pm, followed by a night out at Le Confessional! Looking forward to Day 2!

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Day 1

Day 1

The first official day of MMICC 2013 started off with the teams having some free time during the day to visit and to go out to dinner with their ambassadors!


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