What Is MMICC?

The McGill Management International Case Competition is a world-class undergraduate competition with a focus on globalization, innovation and multi-disciplinary thinking.

What Is MMICC?

MMICC is one of McGill University’s most prestigious events and the largest student-run event at the Desautels Faculty of Management.

World's Friendliest

For the participants, MMICC is about much more than just business. We strive to bring them the highlight of their university career.

World's Friendliest

We want to be the world’s friendliest case competition by preserving an intimate atmosphere and taking advantage of one of North America’s most vibrant cities.


The schedule of McGill Management International Case Competition typically includes three days of social activities and three days of competition.


While the competitive portion is similar to other events worldwide, the goal of MMICC is to combine a world-class case competition with unforgettable social and networking activities.

Teams from Around the Globe
Guests Each Year
Hours to Crack the Case
Spectators at Presentations

MMICC was an unforgetable experience! I am very thankful for all the effort McGill students have put into this competition, everything was just perfect. MMICC enriched me in many ways – not only academically, but also by enabling me to get to know so many wonderful young people!

Participant from Maastricht University, MMICC 2015

We really enjoyed our time in Montreal, had the chance to meet really nice people and learned a lot!

Participant, MMICC 2013

As a case competition organizer myself, I know there is a lot of work to be done in order to make the event happen. MMICC has been known as one of the best competitions and it is true. The committee is fun and attentive. I enjoyed every minute during competition week.

Participant from Thammasat University, MMICC 2013

MMICC is honestly the most fun you will ever have as an undergraduate student. The MMICC executive committee should be proud knowing that they not only ran a fantastic competition, but gave the participants a week they will truly never forget

Participant from QUT, MMICC 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire week! The organizers do an exceptional job getting participants to socialize with one another while balancing it with a high caliber competition. Definitely the best-run international case competition I have competed in

Participant from SFU, MMICC 2015

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